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 Colored text Generator 2

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PostSubject: Colored text Generator 2   Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:42 am

So with this program you can send colored Msg in game very fast and is very easy to use

So here is a site to download it

Press SWAT4 DOWNLOADS and then the last version (2.81).

Now when u download (2.81) version CTG copy it from RAR format to ur SWAT4 directory (Usually C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT4\Content\System )

Then open CTG and ull see 12 empty lines which represents 12 commands. From F1 to F12. U type in main line ur text and press preview to check it out. If ur good with ur new look press IMPORT/APPLY at button (F1->F12) u want to use for that command.

After every of these subcommands u must press space.!

SAY TO ALL : Is simple chat
TEAM SAY : it is team say (those gray letters)
CHANGE NICK : That is for changing your nick (Works as same as other subcomms)
SELECT COLOR : Press this before writing anything. (U can use multiple colors for every of ur commands)

When ur done with all of ur commands Then press Save text binds! 1.0 or what version u use.
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Colored text Generator 2
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